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The 296 GTB, an evolution of Ferrari’s mid-rear-engined two-seater sports berlinetta concept, represents a revolution for the Maranello-based company as it introduces the new 120° V6 engine coupled with a plug-in (PHEV) electric motor capable of delivering up to 830 cv. The car thus redefines the idea of driving fun to provide pure excitement not only when pursuing maximum performance but also during everyday driving

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V6 Hybrid
830 kW
167 kW
0-100 KM/H
2.9 sec
Technical specifications
  • Engine

    TypeV6 - 120° Turbo
    Total displacement2992cc
    Max Power (Hybrid)830cv
    Max Power* (ICE)663 CV
    Max Torque*610Nm
    Max Engine Speed8500 RPM
    Compression Ratio9.4:1
    Battery Capacity7.45kWh
  • Transmission and Gearbox

    Type8-speed F1 DCT
  • Performance

    Max Speed> 330 km/h
    0-100 km/h2.9 s
    0-200 km/h7.6s
    200-0 km/h107 m
    Fiorno lap time1' 21"
  • Dimensions and Weight

    Length 4565 mm
    Width1958 mm
    Height1187 mm
    Wheelbase 2600 mm
    Front Track1665 mm
    Rear Track1632 mm
    Dry Weight***1470 kg
    Dry Weight/Power Ratio1.77 kg/cv
  • Tires and Breaks

    Front245/35 ZR 20 J9.0
    Rear305/35 ZR 20 J11.0

A Closer Look Into The 296 GTB

  • Interior

    The 296 GTB’s cockpit was developed around the new concept of an entirely digital interface which Ferrari first debuted on the SF90 Stradale, but in the case of the 296 GTB, the idea was to clothe that technology in a sophisticated way. The result is a pure, minimalistic connotation characterized by a powerful elegance that, on an aesthetic level, perfectly mirrors the design of the exterior. The 296 GTB’s cabin raises the concept of the formal purity of the functional elements to new heights. From a formal perspective, when the engine is off, the onboard instruments go black, enhancing the minimalist look of the cabin. Exclusive Italian leather trim to the seats and trim is further enhanced by the noble technical materials used on the functional components.
  • Exterior

    The 296 GTB is indeed the most compact berlinetta to emerge from Maranello in the last decade. The short wheelbase along with the composition of elements, such as muscular wings, visor-style windscreen, robust flying buttresses and a new vertical rear screen produce a cabin silhouette that dominates the overall perception of the car. Its clean forms enhance the 296 GTB’s sporty character, ensuring it is the worthy heir to a philosophy that can be traced back to the very roots of Ferrari tradition. Its exceptional modernity references 1960s’ Ferraris. The 250 LM from 1963, in particular, provided the designers with inspiration through elements such as the sinuous, sculpted look of the body, the design of the B pillar, the unusual composition of the wings into which the air-intakes are set, and the delicately proportioned Kamm tail.
  • Powertrain

    The 296 GTB is the first Ferrari road car to sport a V6 turbo with a vee with an extreme angle of 120° between the cylinder banks, coupled with a plug-in electric motor. This new V6 has been designed and engineered from a clean sheet by Ferrari’s engineers specifically for this installation and is the first Ferrari to feature the turbos installed inside the vee. Aside from bringing significant advantages in terms of packaging, lowering the center of gravity and reducing engine mass, this particular architecture helps deliver extremely high levels of power. The result is that the new Ferrari V6 has set a new specific power output record for a production car of 221 cv/l. As the V6 turbo is integrated with an electric motor at the rear, the 296 GTB’s combined maximum power output is 830 cv, putting it at the top of the rear-wheel-drive sports car segment as well as making it extremely flexible. The powertrain assembly comprises a V6 turbo internal combustion engine, with the 8-speed DCT and E-Diff, and the MGU-K located between the engine and the gearbox. A clutch is set between the internal combustion engine and the electric motor to decouple them in electric-only eDrive mode. Lastly there is a high-voltage battery and the inverter which controls the electric motors.

"This is a big step forward: electricity used to add depth and dimension to the supercar experience, to be there when it’s beneficial, but to step back and work in the shadows when it’s not"

Top Gear
March 6, 2022
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Assetto Fiorano

The 296 GTB's performance can be further boosted by the Assetto Fiorano set-up, equipped with aerodynamics and weight reduction features , and special components derived from GT racing.


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