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March 15, 2023 | Carlos Preciado

What Is The Ferrari Icona Series

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The Ferrari Icona series, a special collection of Cavallinos constructed to honor Ferrari’s rich heritage.

Carlos Preciado
March 15, 2023

The Ferrari Icona series is currently comprised of 3 icons, the SP1, SP2, and SP3, all drawing inspiration from legendary racing Ferrari’s of the past while integrating timeless design, innovative materials, and modern technology.

The first of the Icona Series, the SP1 & SP2. At first glance, these two are much the same, both sourcing their design from a trio of classic Ferrari’s, the 250 Testerossa, the 166MM, and the 750 Monza. Limited to 500 units worldwide, both models have been recognized for their timeless beauty and evocative design. The SP1 awarded the 2019 Gold Award at the iF Design Awards, and the 2020 Compasso D’Oro becoming only the 11th car in history to win one of the most sought after awards in industrial design.  Both awards praise the cars classic perfection and ability to project itself into the future. The SP1’s asymmetrical design provides an uncompromising driving experience that is truly unique. The SP2, the symmetrical counterpart to the SP1, was named the most beautiful supercar of 2018 by expert judges at the 34th Paris Festival Automobile International, and offers the limited pool of clients and collectors the opportunity to enjoy the exclusively open-top driving experience with a passenger. The SP1 & SP2 lay the foundation for the Icona Series design, with craftsmanship that is pure and minimalist, blurring the line between car and driver.

The latest entry to the Icona Series, the Ferrari Daytona SP3, inspired by the 1967 Le Mans winning trio, a Ferrari 330 P3/P4, Ferrari 330 P3, and Ferrari 412 P. The SP3 emphasizes the influence of aerodynamic design in heritage Ferrari racers, earning it the “Grand Prize: Most Beautiful Supercar 2022” at the 37th Paris Festival Automobile International”, and the Red Dot award, one of the most important and prestigious design industry prizes. Limited to only 599 units worldwide, the Daytona SP3 offers a bespoke driving experience with classic Italian aesthetics and soulful performance, mated perfectly with a unique Targa style design that only amplifies driving pleasure.

The Icona Series, conceived to embrace Ferrari's rich heritage, to be appreciated by all enthusiasts, and enjoyed by a limited group of collectors.