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February 26, 2023 | Admin Admin

Driver spotlight: Keysin Chen

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Follow Keysin Chen's journey from the Ferrari driving school to the Ferrari Challenge racing series.

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February 26, 2023

The Ferrari driving school known as Corso Pilota is a gateway to enjoying your Ferrari to its fullest no matter the model.

Corso Pilota is the perfect tool to enhance your driving skills while also increasing your safety behind the wheel and on the road. However, it isn’t your typical driving school. Ferrari North America treats guests to a luxurious weekend of driving school cars, eating curated five-star meals while staying in world-class resorts.

In 2020 Ferrari Beverly Hills client Keysin Chen got word of the system and in 2021 is now on the starting grid of Ferrari Challenge North America in the Coppa Shell Am Class. Keysin learned about the program through his relationship with Ferrari North America. After reading up on Corso Pilota through the newsletter he took the jump and signed up.

Chen first partook in the entry-level Sport Class at The Thermal Club but quickly realized he’d be signing up for more classes.

Keysin: I think the indicating moment for me was when the instructors were encouraging me to take the next step and try the next course,” Chen said. “My lap times were a great reflection of what I was learning at Corso Pilota even though I didn't really believe in my driving ability. “The coaches were exceptionally helpful throughout each program and did push for me to be uncomfortable in the driver’s seat! I maintained the belief that if my driving was improving, I would be coming back for more.

Chen not only came back for more he completed each of the three courses offered by Corso Pilota. He enjoyed getting behind the wheel of the F8 Tributo, 812 Superfast and the 488 Challenge EVO while he advanced his skills at the different racing circuits the driving school visits. As Chen improved his racecraft he also developed a further appreciation for the brand.

Keysin: I think the challenge car was very intimidating to look at and get into, but it was actually the most confidence-inspiring car I've driven on a track,” Chen said. “This is really just my first of ownership of a Ferrari and introduction to the brand. “From my limited experience so far, the people I’ve met associated with Ferrari have been super friendly and helpful every step of the way. I want to give a shout out to Ashley Novack she became a mother figure for me during the Corso Pilota program. I'm glad I got to learn how to drive better on a track with some world-class instructors and in some of the best cars in the world.

When his time in the Corso Pilota Advanced Class came to completion Chen still wanted more. As he put it, everything connected, and he signed up for Ferrari Challenge with the Mattioli Automotive Group associated race team Scuderia Corsa.

Keysin: There are a lot of things that connected and lead to me attempting Ferrari Challenge. The first and foremost starts with my family accepting that I really wanted to try this racing thing. Second, it was the firsthand witness and believers of Anthony Lazzaro, Alessandro Balzan, and Cedric Sbirrazzuoli. These people watched me grow through the program and suggested I sign up to try it out. I did also dream of racing in a 24-hour series at one point, but never did I imagine going the Ferrari route because I simply did not have the knowledge or proper channels that could guide me. 

Corso Pilota begins with a Sport course February 15-16 at Circuit of the Americas followed by two Sport courses at The Thermal Club April 18-19 and again April 20-21. The Ferrari Challenge North America season goes green at VIRginia International Raceway Friday, March 26.

Learn more or to sign up for Corso Pilota.