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January 31, 2024 | Xinyi Tan


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In Bacchelli & Villa, situated 30 km north of my birthplace, Maranello, the intricate process of rejuvenating me unfolds.

Xinyi Tan
January 31, 2024

My name is Ginevra, born in 1970, identified as chassis #00754. Sent through the stripping-off process in Bacchelli & Villa, every inch of me is scrutinized, and all my details are revealed.

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1970 Ferrari Dino 246 GT in Restoration

My siblings and I proudly bear the name in honor of Enzo Ferrari’s son Alfredo (nicknamed Alfredino, or Dino). Alfredo, a talented engineer, sadly passed away in 1956 at the age of 24 while working on Ferrari’s V6 racing engine. 

With a larger V6 engine and an extended body, we made our debut at the Turin Show in 1969, evolving from the Dino 206 GT - Ferrari’s first mid-engine road car, featuring a six-cylinder engine. Despite initially lacking the Ferrari badge, our compact and powerful V6 engines delivered delightful drives, sweet handling, and a perfect symphony of sounds. Today, we are rightfully celebrated as among Ferrari’s most significant and beautiful cars.


Ferrari Dino 246 GT Debut

Carrying all this history and affection, the restoration team at Bacchelli & Villa, driven by a profound respect for my originality, strives to salvage as many authentic body parts as possible.

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Simultaneously, expert mechanics, with a long-standing collaboration with Bacchelli & Villa, meticulously restore my engine. I can’t wait to roar on the road again with my mid-engine excellence.

They're going the extra mile to keep things authentic, even in terms of color. The team leaves no stone unturned in researching the original body color, Argento “106 - E - 1”, and the exact shade of the interior leather, “Pelle Celeste,” aiming to resurrect the colors that define me.

Amidst this meticulous process, I feel a sense of joy.


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